It is with pleasure that we had following jury members on board for the first edition of the European Architecture Awards®. The jury met in April to study all projects and announce the finalists. The jury can, independently, ground its selection upon different and unlimited criteria. The jury's decision is final and will not have to be justified.

Juan Manuel Herranz Molina

Virai Arquitectos ⇔ Spain

represented by Juan Manuel Herranz Molina


Since the beginning, the Spanish architect and his team increasingly focused on sports, educational and socio cultural architecture throughout Spain, creating buildings with sobriety and positive environment.




Paul de Ruiter

Paul de Ruiter Architects ⇔The Netherlands

represented by Paul de Ruiter


Paul de Ruiter Architects is one of the most sustainable architecture offices in Europe. It is a true gem in the impressive Dutch architectural landscape. From its very start in the nineties the firm has been pioneering the realms of sustainability and ever since it has been a great advocate and practitioner of sustainable, energy saving architectural design.




Vittorio Simoni

Simoni Architects ⇔ Belgium

represented by Vittorio Simoni


Vittorio Simoni is a Belgian architect and interior designer living in Hasselt. Simoni is not only active in Belgium, but also in Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Dubai, Japan, Bangkok and Curaçao His works also involves projects for private residences, architecture and design of musea, hotels, showrooms and workshops.



Prudent De Wispelaere

Charles Vandenhove & Associés ⇔ Belgium

represented by Prudent De Wispelaere


Mr De Wispelaere is an associate architect at Charles Vandenhove & Associates since 1987. He is currently working as co-architect on projects in Belgium, in the Netherlands and in France.



Marie-Claire Regniers

Archi-News® magazine ⇔ Belgium

represented by Marie-Claire Regniers

Chief editor Archi-News®, journalist specialized in architecture and design


Marie-Claire Regniers is a Belgian journalist specialized in architecture and design for over 25 years. Marie-Claire appreciates close cooperations based on mutual respect and trust, in particular with Villas magazine since 1999 and with Archi-Europe since 2004 (Chief editor of Archi-News magazine). She also wrote several guides (Design, Lightning, Bathrooms) and organized workshops and conferences.



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